River cruises

The Seine the majestic!
With évidement the crossing of bets, his(her,its) historic monuments, his(her,its) bridges(decks), his(her,its) lights.

The Marne path(way) of open-air dance halls, passage by Meaux before arriving in the middle of the vineyards of champagne, stop(ruling) compulsory for Loins to visit this very beautiful city, its cathedral, its basilicas and his(her,its) numerous churches.

The Oise… Valley of the impressionists, Auvers on Oise, The isle Adam, and its imperial city Compiègne with its magnificent castle.

Aisne… The savage!
Via(including) battlefields (14/18), his(her,its) city Soissons and its history(story).

The Somme(Sum)… Quiet and sinuous River, beautiful meet with the nature, big diversity of sorts(species) of birds. Passage by Amiens.

The Yonne… A green setting which leads us until Auxerre carries(wears) of the Burgundy.

The Small Seine… Of Montereau in Nogent sur Seine where is Camille Claudel’s musé.


Schedule Spring summer, 2018

In April:
the Seine and the Oise direction Rouen. Passing by Andelys, Rouen, Conflans saint Honorine, Paris, Compiègne.

In May:
of Compiègne, direction The Somme, the passage by Amiens, Abbeville then arrival to St Valérie sur Somme by the sea.

In June:
the Oise and Aisne in the direction of Noyon by borrowing a small wild channel, we shall pass in a tunnel 3 km long under the way of the ladies (battlefields of the war 1914 – on 1918 the centenarian of which will be celebrated this year). Passage by Soissons.

In July:
the Seine and the Yonne. Of Paris to Auxerre via Meulun, Montereau, Sens, Villeneuve sur Yonne … That of the happiness!

In August:
the side Channel of the Loire. Of St Mammés to Briare in passing on his famous Bridge channel; passage by Nemours and Montargis.

In September:
the Marne: crossing by Meaux, Château Thierry, La Ferté sous Jouarre, Dormans, Reims. In the middle of vineyards.